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Microsoft-Powered CRM

Easy to Use, Powerful & Affordable

Built for Small-Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)




Unify your teams in one application to improve collaboration and increase productivity.
License just what you need and add as you grow.

Marketing Automation

All the Marketing tools your team needs to grow your business. Align your sales & marketing in one system to greatly improve collaboration.

Sales & Sales Management

More than just a Sales CRM, full Sales & Sales Management enablement. Best practice sales processes, complete sales analysis & more.

Customer Service

Provide world-class Customer Service & Support to delight your customers. Manage every interaction from inception to CSAT surveys.

Project Management

Expertly manage projects and improve delivery time and project profitability. Manage internal and external projects from small to large.

How Can Power-CRM Help Your Business?


Centralize Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Project Management on one Microsoft-Powered CRM

Multiple Disconnected Systems is one of the Biggest Problem in SMB

The average Small-Medium Sized Business Uses 18 or more Applications

Causes Disconnect between Teams/Departments

Virtually impossible to get a full picture of the business

Data is duplicated in multiple systems

No end-to-end business processes

Significantly reduces productivity

New Employee Training & Ramp-Up Takes Too Long

Time Required to Maintain Multiple Systems

Get Sales & Marketing Working Together 

Sales & Marketing Working in Separate Systems causes misalignment

Disjointed messaging sales-marketing

Marketing not leveraging sales cycle/activity data to improve targeting

Sales does not have full visibility to marketing messaging or interactions

Inefficient or no process to promote Marketing Leads to Sales Qualified Leads 

Sales and marketing alignment can lead to a 32% increase in year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth (Aberdeen Group)


Improve Sales Performance with Best Practice Sales Processes 

Make sure every Lead is properly followed up on

Improve Lead and Opportunity qualification to reduce wasted time

Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy

Proactive management of active Customer Accounts

Know your numbers using built-in Sales Analysis 

At-a-glance views of Sales performance for Sales Management

Shorten new hire training and ramp up time

On average Power-CRM helps increase revenue by 29%

Provide World-class Customer Service & Support

Make sure every Customer Support inquiry is properly managed to resolution

Manage timely responses using Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Improve employee productivity

Get feedback with surveys

Provide self-service with a customer portal

Track Customer Service performance with built-in dashboards

Happy customers have a lifetime value up to 10x the amount of unsatisfied or one-time buyers

Deliver on-time and on-budget every time 

Smooth handoff from Sales to Delivery

Manage Project Estimates & Budgets

Increase profit by improving resource management

Monitor delivery performance with out-of-box library of dashboards




Microsoft Outlook Sales CRM

Native Outlook App.

Improve user adoption and productivity with a CRM that works where your people work, right inside Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook Desktop

Fully native Outlook integration brings CRM and Outlook together 

Outlook Mobile

Stay productive while on the go with our full integration with Outlook Mobile.

Part of Office 365 and Teams

Because Power-CRM is built on the Microsoft Power Platform it natively integrates to most other Microsoft Cloud applications including Office 365 and Teams.

Microsoft Teams CRM

Affordable for every size business

Pricing as low as $29.99 per user/month

CRM Software Microsoft


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