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Built-In Sales Processes

Accelerate Sales with our Best Practice Sales Processes

Sales process is as important if not more important than the CRM software itself however there is no pre-built, out-of-box sales process in most CRM systems. Hiring a consultant to build this needed business process into CRM is cost prohibitive for many businesses.

Power-CRM includes built-in sales processes developed with input from several top national sales experts. 

Our sales processes are included for Prospect, Sales Opportunity/Forecast, and Customer Account management.

Not incorporating Business Process in CRM is the Top Reason for CRM Project Failure

Top Reason CRM Projects Fail
Sales Enablement Process

Sales Process – Lead/Prospect 

Did you know that 48% of new sales leads/prospects are never followed up on by sales? Power-CRM will assure every lead is followed up on timely and fully. 

Automatic notifications to sales & management when new leads/prospects are not managed properly. 

Visual sales process makes it easy for sales to follow best practices

Opportunity Management & Forecasting Process

The easiest way to increase sales is to close more of the opportunities you develop. Our opportunity & forecasting processes will assure every sales opportunity is being proactively managed by sales.

Improve your sales forecast – probability is set by the system based on where each opportunity is in the sales process. No more guesswork by sales on the forecast. 

Visual sales process makes it easy for sales to follow best practices. 

Customer Account Management Process

Properly managing customer accounts is critical, our customer account management process will assure every customer is proactively managed. 

Rank your customers manually or using integrated data from your accounting system. Base the account management process on customer rank to assure your top customers receive priority attention.

Automatic scheduling of activities for sales to manage customers.

Send customer surveys.

Automatic alerts on customer accounts.

Visual customer account management process makes it easy for sales to properly manage customers.

Know Your Sales

Power-CRM automatically tracks over 30 key sales metrics including:

  • Average time to follow up on new prospects
  • Sales Cycle times to qualify, win and lose
  • Win/Loss Rates by rep, territory, etc.
  • Average New Sale Amount
  • Sales Rep Activity Analysis

The Power-CRM Sales Analysis App provides 9 full page dashboards/reports.

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