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Next Generation Customer Relationship Management Solution reaches General Availability

Marlton, NJ – Power-CRM, Inc. announces general availability of its Customer Relationship Management solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based CRM solution designed by a team of Customer Relationship Management industry veterans to solve the challenges that have plagued CRM for many years. Power-CRM offers full functionality for marketing, sales and customer service at one of the most affordable price-points in the market.

“In early 2019 we began working with Microsoft and the Power Platform to develop a true next-generation CRM solution. Our guiding design principle was and will always be to provide a single, comprehensive platform that solves the problems causing CRM project failure rates of above 50%” said David J Buggy, CEO & Founder of Power-CRM. “We accomplished that in a number of ways including designing the platform for how users want to work, providing a very simple to use interface and including out-of-box, best practice-based processes that fit any type of company”.

Buggy also cites affordability, best-practice based implementation process and ongoing user adoption technology as top reasons for their success “$100 or more per-user monthly for licensing, coupled with average implementation services costs of $3000 per user simply put CRM out of reach for many businesses. Our licensing and implementation costs are half or less in almost all cases.”

The Power-CRM platform has been in production use by companies in a number of industry verticals since October 2019. Power-CRM is listed on Microsoft Appsource and available inPower-CRM is Available on Microsoft Appsource the United States as well as all English-speaking countries with plans to adapt the platform to other languages in 2021.

“Power-CRM is the best CRM software I have seen. It is very easy to use and has powerful features that other CRM systems don’t have like the built-in sales processes. I highly recommend Power-CRM” said Robert Cornwall Managing Director – Penn State University

Power-CRM and Dynamics 365 are both built on the Microsoft Power-Platform offering the ability to use Power-CRM by itself (no Dynamics 365 licensing required) or combined with Dynamics 365 licensing. This allows companies to license every user with the specific functionality needed and only pay for what is needed.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a leading low-code, rapid application development platform. Components of the platform include Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI. This provides significantly lower total cost of ownership vs other CRM products and enables channel partners as well as end customers to take a larger role in maintaining and enhancing the solution.

“Power-CRM is a great addition to the Power Platform and demonstrates how Microsoft Partners are pairing their domain expertise with technology to bring new solutions to market. Power-CRM is also an example of leveraging complimentary Microsoft technology like Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to offer a complete end-end solution.”

What’s next for Power-CRM? “We are developing best practice-based technology in our platform that will enable our certified channel partners and even end-user companies to implement Power-CRM as well ongoing user adoption technology unlike anything in the market today”. Said Louis Hayner, CFO/COO and Co-Founder of Power-CRM.

About Power-CRM
Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform, a leading rapid-low code application development platform. Power-CRM’s mission is to solve the problems that lead to greater than 50% failure rate of CRM initiatives. Power-CRM is more than just CRM software, it is the first complete platform for Customer Relationship Management incorporating onboarding and ongoing user adoption alongside the best CRM functionality available.

Learn more at or by calling 888-CRM-POWR (888-276-7697).


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