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Microsoft CRM software – Power-CRM Fall update. Fall brings, pumpkins,
leaves and 
new Power-CRM features!

  • Modern Search
  • Advanced Lookups
  • New Column Filter Options on Views
  • Improved Multi-Record Editing

More Reasons for your team to love Power-CRM!

Power-CRM, Microsoft CRM software built on the Power Apps platfom released several powerful, new features that your team will love!

Turn on the New Features

Get all the new features as soon as they are released

Turn on the power by enabling the updates.

If you have a Total Solution Management support agreement, email our Support team and we will enable the new features for you.

  1. Go to the Power-CRM Admin Center(administrator privledges needed)
  2. Click on the name of your Power-CRM environment to open it
  3. In the Updates section, if it displays 2021 release wave 2 is On   no action is needed, your environment already has the new features. 

4. If the updates option is not on, click the Manage link, then click Update Now

New Relevance Search

The new relevance search experience is intuitive, intelligent, and modern.

A Prominent search bar, automatically displays recent searches and record suggestions based on the search term.

We have improved the search results page with high-quality results to find information easily and quickly.

We added quick actions right next to search results to help users complete actions without having to navigate to the record to do take actions like creating activities.

The search box is now front and center on every Power-CRM screen.

Intelligent results that understanding synonyms, semantic parsing, abbreviations support, and common world knowledge support.

New search results page that is easy to read and provides better ranking and grouping of results.

Enable the New Relevance Search

NOTE: If you configured Category Search, turning on Relevance search will not have those  

The new Relevance Search introduces a modern global search experience, to help users find information quickly and easily.

To enable Relevance Search:

  1. Go to the Power-CRM Admin Center
  2. Click on your Power-CRM Environment to open the environment details
  3. Click on the Settgins button at the top of the screen
  4. Expand the Product category
  5. Click on Features
  6. Under Search turn on Dataverse Search
Let your team know about the new search experience by emailing them a link to the new features video


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