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Power-CRM is the full-scale
Microsoft Powerapps CRM solution

Power-CRM Microsoft Power Apps CRM

The Microsoft Power Platform is the leading low-code, rapid application development environment

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service environment that provides tools to build and host software applications, automate business processes, analyze data, and more (see below). At the heart of the platform is Powerapps, a low code, rapid application development toolset to create applications with little or no actual code. Power-CRM is the first full-scale Powerapps CRM solution.  

All Microsoft cloud-based applications are now on the Power Platform including Office 365, Teams, and Dynamics 365.

This centralization of all Microsoft’s cloud applications enables full integration across the platform to power end-to-end business processes.

Components of the Power Platform

Powerapps CRM

Extend and enhance Power-CRM without writing code. Tailor screens/fields, create new record types, create workflows, and more, no developer needed. 

Create beautiful dashboards and reports to analyze your Power-CRM data. Combine data from virtually any sources to create centralized views of your data.

Create powerful workflow automation in Power-CRM with no-code. Connect Power-CRM to hundreds of popular apps and services.

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers —no coding required.

Why a Low Code Platform Matters for CRM

The low-code platform market is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology. This market is projected to more than double in 2 years. The most significant benefit of adopting a CRM solution based on a low code platform is the reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Changes and enhancements can be performed in a fraction of the time vs non-low-code applications. With a low-code-based CRM, the end-user company can self-administer the application vs hiring consultants every time a change or enhancement is needed.

Powerapps CRM

Agility is another big benefit to low-code-based applications. Because new features and even new applications can be developed in a fraction of the time it takes for non-low-code, new features and functionality are being released at a pace never before seen in software development.

Administrator tasks that previously required an IT resource to perform are now must less technical allowing business users to perform which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of the CRM solution.

Power-CRM is Natively Integrated
with Office 365

Office 365 is also part of the Microsoft Power Platform.
This means all Office 365 apps are natively integrated with Power-CRM. 

One user ID & password to manage for all Office 365 applications

Powerapps CRM Office 365

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