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Website Visitor Engagement

Identify - Engage - Qualify - Revenue

Qualifico for Power-CRM is a conversational marketing and sales tool with smart bot technology that allows you to engage your website visitors and turn otherwise unknown web visits into qualified prospects. 

Powered by:

Qualifico Next-Generation Webchat Solution

Qualifico Web Chat for Power-CRM

Engage Your Website Visitors

Proactively engage your visitors with Qualifico using smart webchat bots:

  • Agents get notified in Microsoft Teams when visitors begin chatting
  • Tailor webchat messages using visitor data
  • Create unique messaging based on the page the visitor is on 

Capture Contacts in Power-CRM

Easily create contacts in Power-CRM from website visits:

  • Capture contact information
  • Automatic identification if the visitor is an existing contact in Power-CRM
  • Track past site visits
  • Chat transcripts automatically saved to the Contact record in Power-CRM

Drag & Drop Interaction Builder

Easily create smart bot interactions using the drag & drop interaction builder:

  • Pre-defined messages to visitors
  • Embed images or videos in messages
  • Ask questions
  • Prompt for information
  • Route chats to agents
  • Create records in Power-CRM
  • Send internal notifications


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