Sales Analysis App. for Power-CRM

10 full dashboards/reports and 70+ charts/graphs/KPI's

$99.00 Per Month for up to 10 users

Full Sales Analysis application for Power-CRM. Analyze important metrics about your sales performance from over 10 dashboards/reports containing over 70 charts, KPI’s and metrics. This powerful complimentary application for Power-CRM will show you virtually any sales metric, examples:

  • Average win vs loss sales cycle days
  • Revenue by customer industry 
  • Full user activity analysis
  • Prospect to Opportunity to Customer metrics
  • Full pipeline by forecast status 
The date slicer on most dashboards/reports allows you to specify period to analyze. 

Our Sales Analysis app. is powered by Microsoft Power BI. You can use the app with the free version of Power BI (Power BI pro licensing required to publish the analysis app to dashboards in Power-CRM).

Browse over 10 Reports/Dashboards and 70+ Charts/Graphs/KPI’s

Below are screenshots of the Sales Analysis tool. This tool is interactive allowing you to apply filters to certain charts (see page forward/back arrows and dots). 

Fully Mobile Enabled

Analyze your team sales performance while on the go, our Sales Analysis app is fully mobile-enabled.

Automatic Email Delivery

Want a full copy of the most up to date Sales Analysis sent to your inbox? Choose your schedule and receive the full, interactive analysis by email.

Set Alerts To Be Automatically Notified

Set alerts on important KPI’s to receive automatic email or SMS notifications based on thresholds you define. 

You can also use Microsoft Flow/Power Automate to perform additional actions based on thresholds. 

Take control of your sales with our Sales Analysis App.