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Microsoft Power Apps CRM

Sales Force Automation powered by Microsoft

A Step Above Other Sales Force Automation Solutions
Pricing starts at $24.99 per user/month

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA)?

Sales Force Automation or SFA is defined as the automation of sales activities through software. SFA solutions differ from CRM in that typically Sales Force Automation solutions are not as complex or costly as enterprise CRM solutions. SFA solutions offer tools like activity management, sales pipeline tools, sales process automation, reporting and more. 

Sales Force Automation to Power your Sales Team

Power-CRM is a step above most other Sales Force Automation solutions but also not a complex, enterprise CRM. Power-CRM is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, a low code/rapid application development platform – the same platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is built on. Power-CRM was designed by a team of Sales Force Automation & CRM veterans with over 18 years of experience.   

Power-CRM includes all the Sales Force Automation tools you expect and more.

Power-CRM is designed for the under-served small-mid size business (SMB) where every dollar matters. Pricing starts at $24.99 per user/month and on-boarding services start at $4495.

Ease of use is critical to obtain user adoption. Our user interface is so easy to use that most users can begin using Power-CRM with no formal training. 

Most other SFA software requires significant configuration and customization to be useful. Power-CRM comes pre-configured with best-practice functionality designed by veterans of the SFA & CRM industry.

One of the top reasons for failure in SFA projects is the lack of true business process guidance. Power-CRM includes best practice, pre-configured sales and support process designed using input from top experts.

Dont just take our word for it...
Sales Force Automation
Doug CampbellCEO
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"We migrated to Power-CRM from Dynamics 365 due to the cost savings, dead-simple user interface and out of the box configuration. We didn't have to do any customization, you can tell they have lot's of experience ank know how a CRM needs to work. "
SFA Software
Robert CornwallManaging Director - MRI
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"Power-CRM is the best CRM software I have seen. It is very easy to use and has powerful features that other CRM systems don't have like the built-in sales processes. I highly recommend Power-CRM"
Brian NoeIT Manager
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"Before Power-CRM we struggled with getting our team to use a CRM. They use Power-CRM because it is really easy to use and guides them through our sales process. Migration from Dynamics 365 (CRM) to Power-CRM only took 2 weeks, inexpensive, and our users love it"

Marketing Automation with MailChimp

Our integration with MailChimp provides powerful marketing automation capabilities at a very affordable price. 

Automatic contact synchronization assures your marketing reaches the right people. Add and remove contacts from marketing lists right in CRM, they are updated automatically in MailChimp. 

MailChimp for Power-CRM

Built-in, out-of-box Sales Process

Power-CRM includes best-practice, built-in sales process to drive sales reps to successful outcomes. Our processes were developed with input from several top national sales experts as well as clients of all sizes and industries. Sales processes are included for Lead/Prospect, Opportunity & Forecast as well as Customer Account Management. sales force automation

Sales Process Automation

Sales Opportunity Management & Forecasting

Today it is more important than ever to maximize every opportunity for revenue. Our powerful opportunity management & forecasting provides your team with best practice processes to expertly manage every opportunity and perform accurate forecasting. Sales professionals can easily maintain opportunities and never miss a follow up with our automatic notifications. 

Provide your customers World-Class Service

Our Customer Service and Account Management tools will enable your team to provide proactive account management and customer service. Our built-in Customer Account Management process will assure that every client receives the proper attention from sales and quick resolutions to customer service issues. 

Full Integration with Microsoft Outlook & Office 365
Microsoft Outlook Sales Force Automation

Our Microsoft Outlook & Office 365 integration is the best of any Sales Force Automation system, period. Work in Power-CRM right from Outlook. Our integration is compatible with all versions of Outlook; desktop, mobile, and web. 

  • Capture emails on Account & Contact records
  • See Activities, Opportunities and Cases
  • Add records to Power-CRM
  • Scan business cards on any device with a camera
SFA for small business mobile

Mobile client for Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft based smartphone/tablets. Our mobile is not some scaled down version of the SFA system, it offers full functionality. 

Go offline with our mobile client. When you are without an Internet connection, you can continue to work in Power-CRM from our mobile client. Once you have a connection, the synchronization runs seamlessly in the background. 

Sales Intelligence Built-in
InsideView Insights
InsideView Insights for CRM

InsideView Insights is built-in to our Sales & Customer Service license (a $95 value) Insights puts the most accurate B2B data and intelligence right inside Account and Contact records enabling your users to find more of the right prospects, backfill Account and Contact records with missing data and connect with the right contacts. Insights will also increase user adoption across your team and make users more productive and efficient.

Insights includes:

  • Real-time data about 15 million companies and 35 million contacts
  • Data aggregated from 40,000+ news and social media sources

Insights provides many powerful features your users will love and significantly improve user adoption.

Sales Analysis Tool
Power BI Sales Analysis

Our Sales Analysis tool will show you virtually any information about sales performance in your company. This tool is powered by Microsoft Power BI and contains 10 full dashboards with over 60 charts, graphs and KPI’s. 

Affordable Sales Force Automation for Any Size Business

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