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Support & Managed Services

We manage your Power-CRM solution so you can focus on managing your business

Choose from Basic or Premier Plans
Premier plan includes full managed services


Support & Managed Services

We manage you Power-CRM solution so you can focus on managing your business

Choose from Basic or Premier Plans

Premier plan includes full managed services

Basic No-Charge Support

Basic Support and product updates are included in the Power-CRM monthly license subscription cost. Basic Support includes multi-channel email, chat, and phone/voice based Help Desk support. 

Included in Basic No-Charge Support:

  • Product updates
  • End-user level support on standard out-of-box Power-CRM functionality in the standard end-user areas of Power-CRM applications (Administrator level support/topics not included see below for more info)
  • Bugs/defects in standard out-of-box Power-CRM functionality
  • No-charge web-based training webinars and
  • Support available 8am-5pm Eastern time excluding major US holidays

Not included in Basic Support:

  • Changes/Customizations/Enhancements
  • Support on customized functionality (customizations)
  • Administrator level support – no support is included for any items in or related to the Advanced Settings area of the system or the Power Apps/Power Apps Admin center or the Office 365 Admin console
  • Access to the Power-CRM eLearning Hub – a web-based learning management system for Power-CRM containing the full catalog of Power-CRM training courses, training guides and system user documentation. See below

Professional Services hours can be purchased for services not covered under Basic Support at the rate of $200 per hour, minimum 2 hour purchase required.

Premier Monthly Support & Managed Services

Premier Monthly Support is a full managed service for your Power-CRM solution where our experts become your experts and manage your system.

Monthly services & support included:

  • Unlimited Monthly Premier Support for both End Users and Admins
  • Assistance with system administration related items
  • Full support on custom configurations & customizations (performed by certified Power-CRM reseller partners)
  • Best effort support on configurations & customizations not performed by Strava
  • Optional Monthly Enhancement Services (hours) at a discounted rate to use for enhancements (configure/customize) your Power-CRM system.

Monthly Managed Services Included:

  • Proactive & Preventative Maintenance
  • Monitor Capacity (database, log and file capacity)
  • Review & remediation of issues related to system jobs and message flows
  • Monitor and resolve any issues with server-side sync
  • User & Security Role Management
  • Create new users
  • Offboard users as they depart
  • Assist with record ownership reassignment when a user departs
  • Assist with new version upgrades

Other items included:

  • Full Access for all users to our eLearning Hubsee below
  • Free access to fee-based training sessions – enjoy free access for all users to any training sessions offered that have a per user cost to attend
  • Annual Training – two training sessions per year (90 minutes per session) on the topics of your choosing

Power-CRM Client Portal

Our client portal includes a full catalog of Power-CRM training courses, interactive guided tutorials, full training guides (Word, PDF and PowerPoint, and system user documentation.

Power-CRM eLearning Hub


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