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Important information for small and medium-sized businesses

Learn about the most important features needed in a CRM for small and medium-sized business.

Top CRM for SMB

CRM Buyers Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Important information for small and medium-sized businesses to consider when comparing CRM software.

Integration with the other tools your teams use every day

Disconnected systems cause silos of data and rob productivity from your team. Top CRM for SMB needs a CRM solution that centralizes Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Project Management applications into one platform. It is also important that the CRM connects to the other tools being used in the business like Office 365, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Quickbooks…

Power-CRM is a Microsoft Office 365 application built on the Microsoft Power Platform (same platform that Office 365, Dynamics 365 and all Microsoft cloud applications are built on) Power-CRM integrates natively with all the other Microsoft Office 365 and cloud applications as well as native integration with Outlook and Word/Excel. No other CRM on the market has this level of native integration.

Power-CRM also has over 500 pre-built connectors to popular software applications and platforms.

Built for Small-Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

it has been proven that virtually no company uses more than 40% of any software application however they pay for 100% of the features. Don’t buy an enterprise CRM solution if you are an SMB business. You wouldn’t buy insurance or lease office space that is made for an enterprise business with over 1000 employees right? Same principle applies to CRM software.

Power-CRM is built for small and medium-sized businesses and the top CRM SMB on the market (businesses with a few employees to a thousand). Power-CRM is affordable for even the smallest business, user licensing as low as $29.00 per user/month and onboarding services are a fraction of other CRM solutions. 

Easy for end-customers to customize 

SMB businesses need a CRM solution that lets them customize or tailor specifically to their business without needing an experienced software developer. Many other solutions require you to pay a consultant every time you need something changed. Many of the lower-market web-based CRM applications have very limited ability to customize and some have no ability for end customers to make changes to the solution.

Power-CRM is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, the leading low/no-code application development platform. This creates significant economies of scale and allows us to provide advanced functionality at pricing that is affordable for even the smallest business. Adopting a CRM that is built on a low/no-code platform also lowers your total cost of ownership. With minimal training provided in our onboarding services, you are able to further configure & customize Power-CRM using simple drag and drop tools for much of the customizations you would ever need to do.

Dashboards and Reports

SMB businesses need out-of-box included dashboards/reports and easy-to-use tools to create their own.

Power-CRM includes over 20 dashboards and reports out of the box like our Sales Analysis dashboards containing 9 pages of the most important metrics, KPI’s and sales performance analysis. We also include the best User Adoption Analysis of any CRM application. Power-CRM also includes an easy-to-use tool to create new dashboards/reports and is natively integrated with Microsoft Excel. With only 1-click you can send data from any view in Power-CRM to Microsoft Excel and use all the powerful tools in Excel to analyze your data.

Want more dashboard/report tools? Power-CRM is also natively integrated with Microsoft Power BI, the top dashboard/report tool in the world. natively integrates with Microsoft Power BI for more robust analysis of your data.

Many CRM systems include some dashboards/reports however some have limited or no ability for end customers to create new dashboards/reports. Others only offer a custom dashboard/report tool you would need to learn and can’t use with any of your other software.

Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Work from Anywhere on Any Device

Today people need to be productive regardless of where they are. Power-CRM has mobile and tablet apps for Android and Apple iOS with offline mode when there is no connection to the internet.

Power-CRM has mobile and tablet apps for Android and Apple iOS. No internet connection? No problem! Our mobile client apps have an offline mode with seamless background synchronization when connectivity is available.

Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Implementation/On-boarding services

Small-medium sized businesses need affordable onboarding services. The average implementation services cost for enterprise-level CRM solutions ranges from $3000-$5000 per licensed user… we don’t know many SMB’s that can or would pay that to implement a CRM solution.

Some CRM sofware providers are known to tell prospective customers that services are not needed or severly quote the services that are required to be successful. By the time new customers find out the reality of services needed and the cost they have already entered into a 12-month agreement (there is a certain sales force CRM tool that is notorious for this but we won’t name them 🙂

At the other end of the CRM market, the lower-level web-based CRM tools claim you don’t need any services to implement, configure, or for training… just get your credit card out and buy with many requiring a 1-year commitment. 

The lack of proper professional services by an experienced professional or services provide is one of the top reasons that CRM projects fail.


The lack of proper professional services by an experienced professional or services provide is one of the top reasons that CRM projects fail.


Power-CRM offers rapid, fixed-cost, proven successful onboarding services priced for SMB businesses. 

Sales Processes – Don’t buy CRM that does not have a sales process tool!

(and preferably pre-built sales processes you can tailor to your business)

Incorporating sales processes into CRM has been proven to increase sales performance significantly.

Not incorporating business processes in CRM is another top reason for CRM project failure.

There are over 600 “CRM” software products on the market (we are using the term CRM loosely here… many are certainly not CRM and should not call their product a “CRM” solution). Just about all of these allow users to create sales leads/prospects, and assign the lead/prospect to a sales rep. but we have not found another CRM solution that provides out-of-box sales process to guide the seller through managing the lead/prospect. 

We call this the “wild west of sales”… no rules on how quickly sales must follow up on the new lead/prospect, no requirements on how to properly qualify new leads/prospects, no prescribed sales activities to manage these leads/prospects…

Consider these statistics...

Power-CRM has built-in, pre-configured best practice sales processes:

  • Assure new leads are followed up on timely
  • Set a minimum number of attempts sales must make to reach & qualify/dis-qualify new leads before abandoning them
  • Configurable qualification/dis-qualification 
  • Sales lead scoring


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