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Top Sales Lead/Prospect Best Practices

There is nothing more frustrating for Sales & Marketing leaders to learn that a new prospect purchased from a competitor because sales did not properly follow up.

Today, the timing on new prospect follow up is critical. Most sales experts highly recommend that initial follow up on new leads/prospects be performed within 1 hour, doing so increases your chance of converting leads/prospects to revenue significantly.

Also having a consistent and thorough lead/prospect follow up process will significantly improve your teams lead qualification rates.

Lead/Prospect Process Best Practices 

New prospect follow up timing is EVERYTHING

Sales reps who follow up within 1 hour have a 70% greater chance at qualifying the prospect to forecastable revenue.

It takes 7-13 sales activities to qualify a new prospect

Average number of activities performed on new leads/prospects by sales professionals nationally – 2

  • 40% qualification rate improvement for reps who make > 3 attempts
  • 20% qualification improvement for reps who make > 5 attempts

It is virtually impossible to enforce sales best practices or consistent process without a good sales tool.

Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based, CRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platforms.

Power-CRM is more than just another CRM system, it is a best-practice, sales process tool. One of our out-of-box sales processes is Prospect Tracking.

Watch a video overview of this powerful process that will assure that every new prospect is properly attended to increasing lead conversion rates significantly.  

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