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Power-CRM Licensing & On-boarding Services with no upfront capital outlay and 1 month FREE

CRM Now - PAY Later

We are all in this together and want to do our part to help businesses adapt to and overcome the challenging economic environment. There is no doubt that all businesses are going through changes and will continue to evolve due to COVID-19. The actions business leaders take today will determine the short and long-term impacts to their businesses. 

Unfortunately, businesses that were already behind on general operational capabilities will have a greater hill to climb to get through and recover from this downturn, some may not make it. 

We can help prepare your business by transforming Marketing, Sales & Customer Service enabling you to reach more potential buyers, maximize every opportunity to drive revenue and protect current revenue. 

Why now may be the best time to implement a CRM solution in your businessRead the Full Article

Full Offer Details

If your application is accepted you will receive Power-CRM user licensing (Marketing, Sales & Customer Service) as well as onboarding/implementation services (see Pricing for subscription licensing and implementation packages). No upfront funds due, first month is FREE. Billing will begin 60 days after order is placed and will be billed to a credit card. The monthly billing will consist of the total cost of monthly software subscription licensing and 1/12th of the implementation/on-boarding fees for 12 months. 

Example – 10 user implementation:

Power-CRM Subscription per user/month – $49.99
Implementation/On-boarding Services – $4495

First Month – $0
Month 2-11 – $908.53 ($49.99 x 10 = $499.90 + $4995 / 11 = $408.63)


  • Must be a business headquartered in the United States
  • Offer valid for new Power-CRM subscriptions only
  • 1-year Power-CRM subscription term commitment 
  • Following the initial FREE month subscription, equal monthly payments required for 12 months (monthly software licensing & on-boarding services) billed to a credit card
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing monthly subscription fees not included in this offer

Apply Online or Call 888-276-7697

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